cLayz 1/6 中原小麦 お風呂Ver. (Nakahara Komugi, Bath version)


Nakahara Komugi is a character in ナースウィッチ小麦ちゃんマジカルて (Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte (“Magikarte” is a combination of “magic” and “karte”. “Karte” (pronounced as “ka-ru-te”) is from Deutschland (Germany). In Japan, medical log is called as “karte”, because Japan studied Deutschland medicine)).


I built a kit of Komugi by cLayz.

As you can see in the manual (below), the head, the arms and the legs have seam lines. I processed these lines with putty after painting, and repainted around the lines (Not all. Because inside of the arms looked difficult. I gave up).

The paints for the skin were Mr. Hobby’s 美少女フィギュアフレッシュセット (Cutie Girls Figure Fresh Color Set). I used BC03 (milky peach) and BC04 (coral pink) in this color set.


I used Turner acryl gouache for the eyes and the mouse.

And, I coated the eyes with UV Gel Clear by gaianotes. Because the surface by the acryl paints was flat. This tool gave gloss to the flat eyes.


The box and the manual:

This kit includes two animals which you can see on the box, but I did not build them, because I do not like them. The below photo shows unused parts including some for these animals.



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