Tamiya 1/72 Ju-87 G-2 Stuka


Done. This is from Tamiya, but the contents are from Italeri. I build this without caring about anything small.

Comparison with Tamiya 1/72 Seiran:

I painted the body with

  • Mr. Color 17 RLM71 dark green
  • Mr. Color 18 RLM70 black green
  • Mr. Color 117 RLM76 right blue

The yellow line is painted with Mr. Color GX 4 chiara yellow. This kit had two pieces of decal for the yellow wing lines, but this does not have any pieces for the tail line. So I painted all (I thank people who told this in Amazon).

I would like to tell what you must pay attention in building this kit.

First of all, that is decal. The decal in this kit is too soft. It can fit with panel lines well, but it can be twisted and broken easily.

Please pay attention to some small pieces on body and wings, too.

At last, when I was building this kit, the small part on the left wing was about to go into the wing. This was unexpected.



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