cLayz 1/6 のの (Nono)


のの (Nono) is a character in ぽぽたん (Popotan). Unboxing review of this kit is in my blog.

I took some photos of the legs before assembling.

The skin color is Pale Orange over Carrot Orange of 美少女フィギュア・フレッシュ セット (Cutie Girls Figure Fresh Color Set). 袴 (hakama, the red pant) is painted with Mr. Color 79 Shine Red. The blue of the hair is mixed of Mr. Color 1 White and Mr. Color 110 Character Blue. I painted the white cloth with Mr. Color 107 Character White over a layer of Smalt Blue in Mr. Color みるきぃぱすてるカラーセット ブルーver. (Milky Pastel Color Set Blue Ver.).


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